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Precautions in the use of the feeder


The structure of the fish pond feeder is simple and the processing conditions are not high. Therefore, manufacturers of aerators that produce baiters have sprung up, and the quality of various bait feeders varies from time to time. Many of the poor quality products are mixed on the market. Sales. So it greatly affects the farmers' correct choice of feeding machine. So in practical application, the feeding machine manufacturer tells the farmers how to choose the correct feeding machine in a targeted manner?

First of all, let's take a look at several common bait feeders on the market. Now the bait feeders on the market are mainly divided into four types: 70W 90W 110W 120W, of which 90W and 110W are the majority. These two kinds of power can feed materials with a diameter of 2.5 mm, and the feeding area can reach about 100 square meters, which can feed 10-15 acres of pond fish. The 70W feeding area can reach about 70 square meters, which can be used for about 10 acres of fish ponds, and the 120W feeding area can reach about 130 square meters, which can be used for 15-20 acres of fish ponds. At present, although there are many bait feeders that meet the requirements, due to the poor manufacturing level, the bait area is often too small (deviation direction, spray angle can not reach 45 °, etc.), resulting in too small feeding area, affecting the feed Feed normally.


Feeding machine


Use of new type fish pond feeder According to some experience I have explored in practical work in recent years, the following aspects should be paid attention to when choosing to use the bait feeder:

  1. When buying bait feeders, the feeding area is our main consideration. But we must know that the feeding area of the feeding machine is related to the diameter of the feed. Relatively speaking, the larger the diameter, the larger the feeding area. On the contrary, it is small, and it is also related to the bulk density of the feed. The larger the relative bulk density is, the larger the feeding area is, and the smaller the relative bulk density is, the smaller the feeding area is. If the feeding area is too small, it will affect the normal growth of the fish. Therefore, we must consider the total amount of fish eaten in the pond at different times and the diameter and volume of the feed used at the time of selection. It is appropriate to choose a feeding machine with a large feeding area. If it is a polyculture pond, if it is found that a certain food-eating fish that is poor in predation grows slowly, you can consider whether the feeding area of the feeding machine is too small.

  Second, the total amount of fish-eating is related to the feeding area: As one of the purposes of the casting machine is to increase the feeding area so that different species and specifications of fish in the polyculture pond can eat the feed, so that the Fish growth specifications are neat, but because the feeding area of the feeding machine is directly proportional to its power, such as when the power is constant, such as eating too much fish, and when the feeding area is not large, the predatory capacity in the polyculture pond is poor (small specifications ) Fish still ca n’t be caught, which affects their growth. Weak fish in single ponds ca n’t eat the fish, which causes a larger difference in specifications. on the contrary. If you eat a small amount of fish and feed a large area, it will cause feed waste.

  3. Fish training with bait feeders: When food training is started in March, fish eating in the pond is usually less at this time, because the bait feeders are relatively more at one time. For example, training with bait feeders is relatively manual. Difficult, anxious farmers will say that the fish does not float to eat, which is actually because the feeding machine feeds more and causes the fish not to rise to eat. Therefore, it is recommended that fish training in the early spring should be done manually after feeding. There are more fish in the pond, so you should consider using a feeding machine to train.

4. Several normal bait feeder configurations are recommended: Generally in the south-central area of China, when grass carnivorous fish eat 500-2000 kg, a 70W bait feeder is required. When 2500-7500 kg, A 90W caster is equipped with two units (one each at 70W and 90W) for 8000-10000 kg, and those who eat less than 500 kg of fish shall be fed manually.

  Fifth, different stocking modes have different requirements for the feeding machine. For feeding machines of the same power size, if the total amount of fish is eaten, single-cultivation can ensure the growth of fish, then polyculture ponds cannot guarantee each type. Fish-eating fish can grow normally, so you should also look at the stocking mode when choosing the stocking machine. The power of monoculture can be smaller, the feeding area is relatively small, the power of polyculture is larger, and the feeding area is relatively Big.


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