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Vibration feeding machine

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Vibration feeding machine

The box of the vibratory fishing pond automatic feeding machine uses a full plastic box, and the voltage is 220V for civilian electricity. The capacity of the commonly used model is 80KG. The feeding distance can be adjusted within 2 ~ 20. The angle is about 90 degrees, and a feeding machine is suitable for 15 acres. The advantages are:

1. Simplify the processing, manufacturing, dip plating or painting procedures, reduce man-hours and power consumption, and alleviate environmental pollution;

2This is a plastic box to save steel;

3. The surface of the product is bright and smooth, colorful, does not change color, does not rust, resists aging, does not deform, and is easy to clean;

4. Each part of the box is made of PP or ABS material through high pressure injection molding, and is made into a variety of color boxes;

5. Adopting plastic with good safety performance, the automatic fish pond feeding machine can replace manual and automatic timing and quantitative spraying of various specifications of pellet feed to feed fish. The machine uses the vibration principle for material distribution, which fundamentally solves the problems that other models are likely to produce during the material distribution process, such as jamming, blockage and other faults.

The fish pond feeding machine has stable and reliable work, accurate feeding, long feeding distance, large area, simple structure, convenient maintenance, saving labor, saving electricity costs, and saving feed. After three or five months of use, the cost can be recovered.


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